Colorado State Licensed  Bengal Cat Breeder


We are a small Hobby breeder producing  Brown Spotted Bengal kittens  and Snow Bengal kittens Available Year round.



We Produce the "Gold Standard" in Bengal Kittens.  Beautiful Bengals adhere's to high breeding standards using superior Bengal cats as our foundation.   

We specifically breed Bengal kittens to retain their, wild, exotic appearance with dynamic high contrast, discernible rosettes.  We are focused on producing exceptional quality and type in every Bengal kitten we produce. 

We consider our Bengal kittens and Cats " Living Art" , each one being an exceptional, unique master piece. 



At Beautiful Bengals we breed for Excellent Health first and foremost. Our mission is to produce Bengal  kittens that are genetically healthy with distinctive, dynamic, cutting edge pelts.  Our Bengal Breeders are HCM, Bengal PRA, PK and FELV Negative.   We take a lot of pride in producing Healthy Bengal kittens and we guarantee it.

Bengal Kittens receive an in depth veterinarian evaluation.  All Bengal kitten care is administered by a licensed  veterinarian.



Bengal kittens are raised with Tender Loving  Care  from birth.  The  Kittens  are played with and loved daily, this forms a powerful and trusted bond to humans.  Your Bengal kitten is bred from Bengal Cats that are genetically selected for friendliness.  We produce Bengal  kittens with loving, sweet personalities,resulting in an  interactive kitten that desires human interaction. Beautiful Bengal Kittens are amazing, devoted companions that will be an integral part of your family. 


Professional Affiliations



Beautiful Bengals is a well established, TRUSTED BENGAL CAT BREEDER


We are proud to be licensed and Associated with the following Professional Organizations:

PACFA-Colorado Department of Agriculture Licensed Breeder

TICA- The International Cat Association

CFA-The Cat Fanciers Association

Bengal Cat Club- Certified Breeder

Cat Kingpin Certified Breeder

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