Planned Bengal Kittens

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We are currently accepting deposits for spring 2022 babies. 
January 2022 Arrival

Stetson                       Moonglow
Litter 1- Anticipating Mainly Seal lynx Point Spotted 

                Ari                           Kamira   
Litter 2- Litter will be all Beautiful Brown spotted     

Legend                            Ivy 
Litter 3- Litter will be all Beautiful Clouded Brown spotted

**If Ari is not fertile( due to age),Legend will be the sire. 


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We will breed our Queens  on a selective basis as they come into heat naturally.  We like to give our queens a break between litters so they can be a beloved pet.  We breed year round. 

Our breeding philosophy is Quality over Quantity, therefor we do not have a lot of kittens available at any given time.

This allows us to provide your baby will all the love and attention they require. 

We are a small boutique breeder.

Deposits are encouraged


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