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Planned Bengal Kittens

We are Expecting
Spring 2023 

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Chrissy1 website.png
Chrissy Noel

Ari and Chrissy Noel  will have Spectacularly Glittered  Brown Spotted and possibly  Snow Babies

Due Date Approx.:   03/26/2023

For more information call 970-778-9214

Harry Winston blur2_edited.png
Harry Winston 
moon glow website2.png
Moon Glow 

Harry Winston  will have double glitter seal lynx point Bengal babies.  These babies will look like they have been dipped in Swarovski crystals.  

Royal blue eyes. 

Due Date Approx:   04/17/2023

For more information call 970-778-9214

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We will breed our Queens  on a selective basis as they come into heat naturally.  We like to give our queens a break between litters so they can
be a beloved pet.  We breed year round. 


Our breeding philosophy is Quality over Quantity, therefor we do not
have a lot of kittens available at any given time.

This allows us to provide your baby will all the love and attention they require. 

We are a small boutique breeder.

Producing living art in your home

Deposits are encouraged


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