Beautiful Bengals


Planned Bengal Kittens









Litter Announcement #1

Manglar Velvet and Amazing Grace 

Born on March  15,2020

4 Dynamically marked Males 

All Pending Wait list 

Parent seen below

Litter Announcement #2

Stetson  and  Zen 

Born on  March 23,2020

Seal Point Lynx " Snows"

2 females and 1 male

All Pending Wait list 

Parent seen below

Our breeding philosophy is Quality over Quantity, therefor we do not have a lot of kittens available at any given time

This allows us to provide your baby will all the love and attention they require. 

We are a small boutique breeder.

We are currently pairing 2 Queens as they naturally go into their heat cycle . 

Deposits are encouraged