Planned Bengal Kittens

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Important Announcement-2021

Due to a medical condition, Beautiful Bengals has temporarily slowed down our Breeding Program.  We will start Breeding again in May with the anticipation of babies  born the end of June/first of July.  These babies will be ready for their homes Mid September/first of October.  We are planning a pairing of Full Seal Point Lynx ( snows) and a couple litters of Brown Spotted.  Thank you for your support and understanding during this short term period. 

Updated:  May o3,2021

Planned Litter 1

Full Seal Point Lynx


Sire and Dam of Snow Babies

1.Due the end of June-Full Seal Point lynx Litter 

(3 Deposits waiting on the litter) 

2.Due the end of June- Zen (retiring) and Legend.

Full Brown Spotted litter-Dynamically marked.

3.We are breeding Kamira and Legend as soon as she goes into her next heat. 

These babies will look like Stetson.  Full Brown spotted and Outstanding markings. 

(4 deposits waiting )

4. We will also be breeding Ivy(retiring) in a couple of months as soon as she goes into heat. 

5.  We will be breeding Nameste(retiring) in a couple of  months

We will be breeding more of our Queens this spring on a selective basis as they come into heat naturally.  We like to give our queens a break between litters so they can be a beloved pet.  


Our breeding philosophy is Quality over Quantity, therefor we do not have a lot of kittens available at any given time.

This allows us to provide your baby will all the love and attention they require. 

We are a small boutique breeder.

Deposits are encouraged