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Bengal Kitten Fuzzy Stage

leapard cubs.jpg

Just like the  Wild Jungle Cat, your Bengal kitten will develop the Fuzzies.  An inherited trait from The Asian Leopard Bengal.

Fuzzy Baby Cubs

The Fuzzy Stage begins at around 3-6 weeks of age.   This is about the time Cubs would be coming out of the Den in the wild.  This is mother nature's mechanism of protection that camouflage's the cubs from predators. 

leapard cubs2_edited.jpg

Prominent White Guard Hair

The picture above depicts the fuzzy white guard hairs all over the baby cubs.  Bengal kittens will develop long, spiky, white guard hairs, just like the cubs in the wild.  This will alter the appearance of their pelt from dynamic, high contrast markings to a dull, blurred look. 

leapard cub3_edited.jpg

From Fuzzy baby cub to Beautiful Cat

The picture above is a good example of a fuzzy baby with it's magnificently marked mother.  The baby cub is in a phase sometimes referred to as the "Ugly Duckling" stage.  It is hard to believe that this baby cub will grow out of this fuzzy stage and grow up to be a beautifully marked cat...

Just like mom. 

Fuzzy Diamond Girl Fuzzy2_edited.jpg
Fuzzy Diamond Girl Fuzzy1_edited.jpg
Fuzzy Diamond Girl Fuzzy.jpg

Bengal Kitten in the Fuzzy Stage of Development 

The pictures above are a good illustration of a bengal kitten in the Fuzzy Stage.  Bengal kittens develop the fuzzies at around 4 weeks of age.   Typically the bengal kitten will start its transformation out of the fuzzy stage around 10 weeks.   A bengal kitten is cleared of the fuzzy stage around 8 months.  This remarkable pelt transformation continues to clear up to 2 years of age. 

Some kittens develop the fuzzies more than others.  It is all part of their individual  growth and development journey.   In time, their undercoat becomes more prominent and the markings will become crystal clear with high contrast markings. 



The pictures above represent the same fuzzy bengal kitten ( illustrated above) as an adult Bengal cat. 



Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the

Bengal kitten Fuzzy Stage. 

Please feel free to call us with any questions about this naturally occurring phenomenon. 

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