Bengal Fuzzy Stage


Just like the  Wild Jungle Cat, your Bengal kitten will develop the Fuzzies.  An inherited trait from The Asian Leopard Bengal.


Fuzzy Baby Cubs

The Fuzzy Stage begins at around 3-6 weeks of age.  This is about the time Cubs would be coming out of the Den in the Wild.    This is Mother Natures mechanism of Protection that camouflages the cubs from predictors. 






This Picture depicts the fuzzy white guard hairs all over the babies..

Bengal kittens will develop long, spiky,white guard hairs.  This will change the appearance of their pelt from  dynamic, high contrast markings to a Dull, blurred look.  

Frequently reference as  "The Ugly Duckling" stage .


This picture depicts a perfect example of a fuzzy baby with it's magnificently marked mother.

The Bengal kittens magical transformation out of the fuzzy stage

will begin around 10 weeks.  Some babies develop the fuzzies

more than others.  It is all part of their own growth and


development.  The undercoat becomes more prominent and the


markings will become crystal clear with high contrast markings.  


Below is a Real Life example of the Bengal Fuzzy Stage

Bengal Kitten at around 5 weeks 



The same kitten as a Beautiful Adult-Amazing Transformation. 




Beautiful Bengals


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