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Bengal Kitten Development 
From Bengal Kitten to Adult

Just like human babies, bengal kittens develop in their own time and in their own special way.

Spotted bengal babies ( Donut, paw print, clouded , etc) are either born with closed or open rosettes. 

A closed rosette typically is one solid color.  Many times the rosette initially appears to be solid black. In time, the rosette will develop into a beautiful tri-colored rosette. 
An open rosette typically presents with a solid outline and a lighter center color.  

In this article, I would like to illustrate how the babies embark on an amazing journey of development. 
From Humble beginning to Magnificent Living Art. 

bengal patterns..jpg

Bengal Kitten Example #1

Bengal Kitten Stetson
        4 weeks old 
Bengal Cat Stetson

Bengal Kitten Example #2

gold baby 3.jpg
gold black.png
Bengal Kitten The Gold Standard 
                  4 weeks old
Bengal Cat The Gold Standard                       Adult

Bengal Kitten Example #3

Legend 2-1.JPG
Bengal Kitten Legend 
          4 weeks old
Bengal Cat Legend

Bengal Kitten Example #4

snow girl3.JPG
Bengal Kitten Heaven
          3 weeks old
Bengal Cat Heaven

As  you can see from the pictures above, it takes mother nature time to create beauty.  The butterfly emerges into a beautiful piece of art from the humble beginnings of a cocoon.  The Bengals beautiful layers of color, richly  emerge with vibrant, distinction over the first year of development. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.  If you have any questions, Please give us a call. 

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