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Bengal Development 

Just like human babies, bengal kittens develop in their own time and in their own special way.

Spotted bengal babies ( Donut, paw print, clouded , etc) are either born with closed or open rosettes. 

A closed rosette typically is one solid color.  Many times the rosette intitially appears to be solid black. In time, the rosette will develop into a beautiful tri-colored rosette. 

An open rosette typically presents with a solid outline and a lighter center color.  

In this article, I would like to illustrate how the babies embark on an amazing journey of development. 

Bengal Kitten Example #1

Wynter current.jpg
Bengal Kitten -3 weeks old
Bengal Kitten -5 months old

Bengal Kitten Example #2

gold baby 3.jpg
Bengal Kitten -4 weeks old
Bengal Kitten as an adult

Bengal Kitten Example #3

Legend 2-1.JPG
Bengal Kitten -4 weeks old
Bengal Kitten as an adult

As  you can see from the pictures above, it takes mother nature time to create beauty.  The butterfly emerges into a beautiful piece of art from the humble beginnings of a cocoon.  The Bengals beautiful layers of color, richly  emerge with vibrant, distinction over the first year of development. 

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