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What will all of these babies look like? 
Here is a photo Gallery of the dynamic markings we produce at  Beautiful Bengals. 

Bengal Kittens For Sale 
Bengal Kittens, passionately Raised with
Tender Loving                   Personal Care. 
We are small by design, producing comforting, gentle kittens that make your world a better place...

only at Beautiful Bengals

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May 26,2o23
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Available Female 


    Perfectly spaced rosettes with high impact  from head to  tail.  Buttercream base with jet black outlined rosettes and soft brown center.  Emerald green Eyes.  Loving Personality.

This precious girl had her first physical exam checking  15 vital signs and passed with flying colors  5/22/23. We believe in health first and foremost.  She will have a second physical exam before she is ready for her new home. 

   Ready for her new home approximately  June 20,2023.

Adoption fee $3,000 

Delivery to Vail, Colorado and Green River Utah 

         Call 970-778-9214 for more information 

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Music Lovers 
Sire:  Stetson          Dam:  La Belle Ame
DOB:  4/20/23    Ready for our new home  Approximately  7/13/23

Richly marked brown spotted with High contrast.  Rosettes have not opened yet but when they do we will be Living Art in your home. 


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This is one of my breeders " The Gold Standard"  that was Richly marked- See how the babies will develop into a Masterpiece

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Beautiful Bengals Gold Standard  as a Baby 
Beautiful Bengals Gold Standard as an Adult 
Beautiful Bengals Gold Standard as an Adult 
Suzie Q9.jpg

Suzie Q

Available Female 

         Call 970-778-9214 for more information 


Mr. Bo Jangles 

Available Male

         Call 970-778-9214 for more information