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Our Beautiful Bengal Breeders 

producing Bengal kittens that are genetically healthy with distinctive, dynamic , cutting edge pelts and loving personalities.

Our Breeder Mission is three Fold 

We are :

1.Centered on Health as our foundation

2.Dedicated to Exotic Pelts

3. Devoted to Loving Personalities.


Health is our first and foremost goal for our breeders and our Bengal kittens.  In order to produce top quality Bengal kittens we have superior breeders as our foundation.

Beautiful Bengal Breeders have excellent pedigree's that are Free from known bloodlines that carry certain fatal disease states.   

All of our Breeders are regularly tested negative for the following disease states:

HCM-Hypertropic Cardiomyopathy

FIV- Feline Immunodeficiency 

FeLV- Feline Leukemia

PK-d- Anemia

PRA-b-Progressive Retinal Atrophy



Our Quality Bengal kitten program is focused on producing kittens with high contrast, discernible large rosettes, crystal clear coats, extreme type and fantastic glitter. 

We specifically breed kittens to retain their exotic, wild appearance in nature. 

Bengals are the ONLY domestic cat that can have rosettes similar to the markings of a Leopard or jaguar.  We are dedicated to continue to preserve that beauty. 

Beautiful Bengals specializes in :

Brown Spotted Bengals


Seal Point Lynx " Snow Bengals"



Bengal kittens are raised with Tender Loving  Care  from birth.  Kittens  are played with and loved daily, this forms a powerful and trusted bond to humans.  Your Bengal kitten is bred from parents that are genetically selected for friendliness.  We produce Bengal  kittens with loving, sweet personalities,resulting in an  interactive kitten that desires human interaction. Beautiful Bengal Kittens are amazing, devoted companions that will be an integral part of your family. 


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