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Beautiful Bengal Queens 

Beautiful Bengals One in a Million "Kamira"


One in a million is hard to beat in Bengal world. 

She has the WOW factor, with large impressive, jet black outlined rosettes.  

She will have emerald green eyes. 

  HCM- tested 10/07/21 Negative 

  Bengal PRA N/N            Pk Defiecinecy N/N 


Beautiful  Bengals Amazing Grace


Amazing Grace  has large, irregular shaped  black outlined rosettes on a super clear butter cream

background, a straight profile, stunning mascara, and emerald green eyes. 

  HCM Negative tested 11/18/2021

  Bengal PRA N/N            Pk Defiecinecy N/N

Beautiful Bengals Heaven Can Wait 

"Sweet Pea"


Heaven Can Wait aka  Sweet Pea is one sweet soul.

She has large irregular shaped, jet black outlined Rosettes.  Sweet Pea has been dipped in gold dust with Tons of Glitter. 

She will have emerald green eyes. 

  HCM Negative tested 11/18/2021  Seal Point Lynx Carrier 

  Bengal PRA N/N            Pk Defiecinecy N/N 


Spots of Gold  "Ivy"
Retiring 2021


Ivy  has a clear vanilla cream base pelt with dynamic jet black

outlined rosettes.  Gorgeous Green Eyes. Beautiful round

face and perfect profile.  

HCM-Negative 10/07/2021

Bengal PRA-N/N  Pk Deficiency N/N 

Colorcoat-Pure Brown spotting 



Golden Dots Moon Glow 

moon glow website_edited.jpg

Moon Glow  a Beautiful representation of a Seal Lynx point.  Moon Glow  has an extremely silky pelt with beautiful pronounced rosettes.  We are mesmerized with her royal blue eyes.  She is an excellent mother and produces phenomenal babies. 

HCM- Negative 10/07/2021

Bengal PRA- NN.  Pk deficiency N/N

Color Coat- Double Glitter Gene


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moonglow new2_edited.jpg

Beautiful Bengals Angel Among Us
" Heaven"

snow girl3.JPG

Heaven was born on June 24,2021.  We couldn't resist having a little heaven in our home.  She has a pelt that resembles snowflake crystals and feels like cashmere.  This little snow leopard has gorgeously marked rosettes and royal blue eyes.  She has an  unbeatable personality and purrs constantly.

HCM- tested at 1 year old

Bengal PRA- N/N  Pk N/N

Color Coat- 


snow girl1.JPG
snow girl1.JPG
snow girl1.JPG
snow girl1.JPG