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Beautiful Bengal  Kings

Beautiful Bengals Wild Wild West


Stetson is our Home grown Boy and we couldn't be prouder. 

Stetson is Exceptional in every way possible.  Super Clear butter cream base pelt with Dynamic jet black outlined rosettes.

Stetson has Green eyes.  Stetson is a carrier for Snow.

HCM negative-December 14,2023

Bengal Pra-Negative   Pk deficiency - Negative 


Beautiful Bengal The Show Stopper
"Harry Winston"



Harry Winston is the manufacture of brilliantly marked,

luxurious  diamonds...hence our Harry Winston.  This distinguished boy is remarkable in every way.  The "Show Stopper"  raises the bar pretty high for Seal Lynx Point. 

HCM negative-12/12/2023     Eye Color:  Blue

Bengal PRA(AIPL1)-Negative.   PK deficiency PKLR - Negative 

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD1)- Clear 

Color Coat Panel-cs/cs pure for Seal Lynx point

0/50 health predispositions, Clear bill of health.

Harry Winston blur2_edited.jpg
winston's face.png

Beautiful Bengal The Best in the West


Texas boy1.jpg

Fittingly named "The Best in the West"  Ari is one of the most beautiful Rosetted boys I've ever seen.  Ari means Lion, Brave and men of valor...we like to say "Cat" of Valor.   We are excited to see the beautiful babies he will produce.

Ari is a carrier for Snow. 

DOB:  04/01/2021     Eye Color:  Green   Bengal PRA-Negative 

Pk Deficiency Negative     HCM Negative June 22,2022

Ari- Boy 002_JPG.png
ari 12 snow.png
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