Planned Bengal Kittens

We are expecting 2 litters

Litter 1

Amazing Grace & legend


Due Date:  2/13/2021

Photo Gallery Gracie Babies

Litter 2

Sweet Pea & Gold


Due Date:  03/16/2021

Sweet Pea's 1st Litter

We anticipate they will look be Boldy Marked and Stunning. 

Sweet Pea's sister is Kamira.  Kamira babies shown in Gallery Below. 

We will be breeding more of our Queens this spring on a selective basis as they come into heat naturally.  


Our breeding philosophy is Quality over Quantity, therefor we do not have a lot of kittens available at any given time.

This allows us to provide your baby will all the love and attention they require. 

We are a small boutique breeder.

Deposits are encouraged

Beautiful Bengals


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