Beautiful Bengals Snows

Beautiful Bengals "The Show Stopper"
Harry Winston


Harry Winston is the manufacture of brilliantly market luxurious diamonds...hence our Harry Winston.  This distinguished boy is remarkable in every way.  The "Show Stopper" raises the bar pretty high for Seal Lynx Point.  

HCM negative-10/14/2021      Eye color:  Blue

PK Deficiency (PKLR)-Negative  Bengal PRA (AIPL1) Negative

Color Coat-cs/cs-Pure for Seal Lynx Point with Glitter gene.

0/50 Health Predisposition, Clear bill of health. 

Harry Winston_edited.jpg
winston's face.png

Beautiful Bengals Moon Glow

moon glow website_edited.jpg

Moon glow is a beautiful representation of a Seal Lynx point.  She had a extremely silky pelt complimented by pronounced rosettes. We are mesmerized with her royal blue eyes.  She is an excellent mother and produces phenomenal babies. 

HCM negative-10/07/2021 

Bengal PRA(AIPL1)-Negative PK Deficiency(PKLR)-Negative 

Color Coat-2 copies of Glitter 

0/50 Health Predisposition, Clear bill of health. 

moonglow blur red_edited.jpg
moonglow new2_edited.jpg

Beautiful Bengals   "Angels Among Us"

snow girl3.JPG

Heaven was born on June 24,2021.  We couldn't resist having a little heaven in our home everyday.  She has a pelt that resembles snowflake crystals and feels like pure cashmere.  This little snow leopard has gorgeously marked rosettes and WOW just look at those royal blue eyes.  She has an unbeatable personality and purrs constantly.  

HCM-tested at 1 year old

Bengal PRA-Negative  PK Deficiency-Negative 

Color Coat- 2 copies of Glitter 

0/50 Health Predisposition, Clear bill of health.